Providing Bio-Pharmaceutical Human Capital Solutions

Professional Capabilities

BioSelect, Inc. was incorporated in April of 2003.  Linda I. Roetman is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer.  Ms. Roetman's 20 year career includes more than eight years experience dedicated to executive search specializing in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, and prior corporate experience in the healthcare field.  Other members of the management team include James H. Perdue, Chief Operations Officer, whose breadth of experience encompasses greater than 25 years in strategic management of human resources and financial management, with responsibility for hundreds of employees and multi-million dollar programs.




Our relationships with key executives combined with access to emerging industry knowledge and determined efforts to satisfy customer expectations will enable us to stand out in a competitive marketplace.  We realize that business is run, strengthened and fueled by the power of relationships.  We feel that our quest to build a national reputation on commitment to strong business ethics, integrity and long term relationships will be recognized for setting the operating standard among executive search firms. 




Our strategic vision is to offer precise recruitment solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations; We will strive to deliver to our clients:  What they want…When they want it…Where they want it…How they want it.


Our corporate strategy for the future is to develop strong relationships with key industry executives and leaders such that we become indispensable partners.


We will work closely with each client we serve by gaining a thorough and full understanding of their priorities and expectations.  When we fully understand the needs of our clients we will meet those needs with a quality human resource solution.


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