Providing Bio-Pharmaceutical Human Capital Solutions

Our Clients

As a new client you can expect our commitment to strong customer service with mutual trust, candor and professional responsiveness as we fill your needs.  We work proactively as a partner by adding value, and bring our detailed industry knowledge to the search process. 


We are, above all customer-focused, committed to solving our customer’s needs and doing everything possible to keep them satisfied.  This approach will insure that we retain a highly satisfied clientele and earn repeat business and referrals.

We pride ourselves in proactively conducting exhaustive research and networking with a broad range of prospective talent using comprehensive search procedures that focuses on hard-to-locate, high quality talent.


A focused search methodology is necessary to ensure a timely closure to our client’s recruitment needs.  We target the talent possessing the correct knowledge, skill, ability and demonstrated success necessary to increase our client’s competitive advantage.


We will carefully communicate with our customers the key differences and advantages in doing business with us so that new customers know that choosing us as a partner is a safe choice for consistent, high quality service.


We strive to provide customer satisfaction where “The Quality of our search services is without Question”.  Ultimately our success is measured by your repeat business.




The success of our business is driven by our ability to deliver dependable, high quality executive search services tailored to meet each customer’s needs.  More specifically, the key factors that are imperative to our firm’s ability to deliver results are:

  • Access to bio-pharmaceutical executive and scientific talent with leading edge industry knowledge.
  • Flexible system of custom services targeted to the bio-pharmaceutical industry.
  • An especially talented and well trained staff, able to deal professionally with industry executives and leaders.
  • A staff that understands the science of biomedical research and the human resource challenges it presents our clients’.
  • A well-organized set of operating procedures that guarantees a focused, dependable and strategic approach to targeting highly qualified talent.
 Our clients provide the roadmap to success for each search.    At the initiation of the search process our consultants listen to our clients and learn their business needs and culture.  Our consultants draw from our clients the essence of the position requirements, and then take the additional step of identifying the intangibles that are the key to a successful fit. 
 We next develop a strategic plan based on our broad knowledge of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.  We personally reach out to top-tier individuals and present to them our clients’ opportunity.  Because of our network of relationships, we have earned candidates’ trust such that initial indifference can oftentimes be turned into significant interest.
 After reviewing the experience of prospective candidates, we present to the client the best-qualified individuals.  We provide our clients commentary on the individuals to assist them in their evaluation.  We will team up with our client to devise a strategy that best presents their opportunity, and then assist in coordinating interviews between client and candidates.   Following the interviews, we debrief the candidates and the client and provide feedback. 
 The most critical step is bringing the client and candidate together.  Our mission is to deliver our client’s top pick.   We provide our clients information regarding what it will take for the candidate to accept, while at the same time work with the candidate to ensure reasonable expectations.  Throughout the offer, negotiation, acceptance phase our consultants serve as the go-between to manage the nuts and bolts of the process.
 The last step in the process is transitional support.  Our job is not done until the candidate has made a smooth, effective transition into our client’s organization.  We strive equally for satisfied clients and satisfied candidates such that long-term success is assured. 
BioSelect, Inc. is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity in regard to recruiting and placing qualified candidates. It is our policy and practice to refer all qualified individuals regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, national origin, disability, veterans status or other protected characteristics.


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